(Felis Chaus)
The Jungle Cat has long legs and a slender build. It's coat is generally a sandy brown, reddish or gray, and has no pattern except for stripes on the legs and sometimes on the throat. Exceptions to this are the Melanistic (black) and the Silvertip that is basically a black animal with silver tipping on the fur. They have black ear tufts and a relatively short 3/4 length tail generally reaching to the hocks.
The name "Jungle Cat" is actually a misnomer as Jungle Cats are found mainly along river bottoms, reed beds and some forests. In the wild they feed primarily on rodents. They will also take hares, birds, reptiles and amphibians. They are strong swimmers and will dive to catch fish.

The males are markedly larger than the female generally in the 25-35 Lb. range. While the females are usually in the 15-25 Lb. range. They are easily domesticated if bottle raised from a young age and interacted with on a daily basis.